Thursday, September 18, 2014

Skull Fortress

Old concept art. Re-used- and composited with a random figure sketch.
For fun.

Skull Fortress - The End

I may do the middle some day.
Same source for the art.
Skullmokey concepts and Idle Hands sketchbook.
Photoshop mashed.

Wizard Duel

Using old concept art, cutting it into frames.
It's all about the prep.

Scythe-Layer Comps

Taking some of my earliest comic book work and reformatting to be frame to frame.


Completed collaboration with writer Jeff Provine.
These are traditional comic book layouts.
The plan is that the blog will primarily be composed of strips done as fixed panel size- cinema letterbox- frames.
Sequentially viewed with the light box feature of Blogspot.
Stories completed in pieces but viewable sequentially by my manipulation of the calendar.
That's the plan.
My web comics plan.